Deepen into Slowing Down

Devote yourself to practice.Find your inner peace.Find calm in the midst of chaos.Slow down your overwhelm and busyness.Join mindfulness teacher Leo Babauta, creator of Zen Habits, in a retreat designed to have you practice slowing down with the fullness of your life.--JUNE 21 - 23, 2024


Find Your Inner Slowness

Leo will lead you into the basic mindfulness practices of slowing down in each moment.And then you'll deepen the practice by learning to slow down with any obstacle.


What Gets in the Way of Slowness?

Get teachings and coaching on the lifelong patterns that keep you habitually rushing and stuck in your life. Get clear on these patterns so that you can bring awareness to them, slow down with them, and start to shift them.


Find Your Community

This kind of practice can't be done on our own. It helps tremendously to have support — to have a community to do this with.In this online retreat, you'll connect with others who are on a similar journey, and feel the support of doing this with other practitioners.


Bring Zen into Your Everyday Life

Leo will teach his practical tips from Zen study and practice, to help you bring a deeper sense of peace and transcendence in yoru everyday activities, from work to play to relationships.


What You'll Learn

In this retreat, you will learn:1. What a life of slowness could look like
2. The benefits of slowing down
3. What gets in the way
4. Zen techniques of mindfulness
5. How to deepen the practice
6. How to fall in love with life as it is
7. How to practice with others
8. How to bring slowness to work
9. How to bring slowness to relationships
10. How to integrate this into your life
---BONUS MATERIALS:Included in this retreat are materials you can take with you to help you beyond the retreat:- A PDF guide to slowness, and integrating slowness into your life beyond the retreat
- 3 meditations from Leo you can use daily
- 3 videos from Leo that will help you practice and integrate slowness for life
- A free ebook from Leo on mindfulness
- A discount on his Fearless Living Academy membership program, and on his Fearless Mastery small group coaching program
- A bonus call if you're interested in doing 1-on-1 deep coaching with Leo after the retreat


How It Works

This will be an online retreat using Zoom as the video platform (don't worry, it'll be a deeper experience of Zoom than you're used to).We will have a community forum for discussion.Here's how the retreat will work:1. We will meet on Zoom for teachings, practice & community work
2. We'll have assignments to post into the community forum each day
3. You'll receive a PDF guide to slowness and integrating it into your life, along with 3 meditations and 2 videos from Leo, to use after the retreat
4. You can ask questions of Leo on the calls, or in the community forum
- Opening ceremony is 2pm Pacific / 5pm ET on Friday June 21
- Teachings and practice will last until 5pm PT / 8pm ET
- We'll have practice starting at 8am PT / 11am ET, followed by teaching, group work, and more practice
- There will be breaks for food & reflection
- Teachings and practice will last until 5pm PT / 8pm ET
- We'll we'll have practice starting at 8am PT / 11am ET, followed by more teaching and group work, ending at 1pm PT / 4pm ET


Come Join Us, and Start Your Slower Life

Commit to this retreat, and that commitment will change your life. It will be the start of slowing down, and reversing years of old patterns. One moment at a time.Starting with this very moment.


Leo Babauta

Leo created the Zen Habits blog more than 17 years ago, after changing his entire life. He has taught thousands of people how to change their habits, change their lives, change their mindset. He is a Zen practitioner, mindfulness teacher, transformational coach, and published author.He's on a mission to help 100 million people face uncertainty & fear in order to do their meaningful work.